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cockroach control life cycleCockroach Control Sydney - one of the most common pests in households and businesses, and they have been in existence for centuries.

There are over 400 species of cockroaches in Australia, but generally, there are only about six that present themselves as a serious pest. Of those six, three primary species are prevalent in and around the Sydney area, they are known as Australian, German and American cockroaches.

The Australian and American species usually fly in from outside, these are larger than the German variety which generally live in small cracks and holes in your kitchen walls and floor.

They tend to prefer conditions similar to those that humans live in, like a nice warm environment and a place where there is easy access to food and water. Cockroaches can contaminate food preparation areas including the food itself and the utensils. Their droppings, vomit, and skin can leave bacteria which can then trigger allergy attacks. Also, wherever an infestation of cockroaches occurs, it's usually followed by a foul odour, caused by their bodily secretions.

Cockroaches have evolved to become the most versatile pests around the world. Also, a cockroach can live up to one month without eating any food and two weeks without water, but if they can make your home theirs, they will have a steady supply of all the food and water they need.



Cockroach Control - Did You Know?

  • A female can lay anywhere between 10 and 40 eggs, and she will carry these in an 'egg case' called an ootheca
  • Some female cockroaches only mate once and stay pregnant for life
  • The lifespan of a cockroach is usually 12 months
  • A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head!
  • Because they are nocturnal, you may not be aware of their presence.

Let's face it, these critters are a huge nuisance, but with our effective products, Baseline Pest Control will rid your property of cockroaches permanently.

Cockroach Control Sydney - Our Treatment 

Australian, American and German Cockroach Control Sydney - Find, Treat And Eradicate Today!

We treat cockroaches using bait, and our treatment usually consists of a combination of the following:

Dust - this product penetrates all cracks and crevices hosing the cockroaches out of their living areas where they then die.

Spray -  we treat the interior of your home or building using a cockroach non-repellent spray to decrease their numbers.

Gel -  this gel is moist and attracts cockroaches, the ingredients contain carbohydrates and proteins which their diets need. Once they have fed on the gel baits, they die.


We apply the bait in strategic locations, including cupboards, door frames, hinges and window sills.

Please remember to keep your kitchen area clean and free from open food scraps to reduce the chance of cockroaches returning. Try to declutter all the rooms to help stop a reinfestation.

Our baits are effective, but please take note of the points above.

Cockroaches Can Spread Disease - Call The Cockroach Exterminator Sydney

Salmonella – Often referred to as food poisoning

Staphylococcus – Often referred to as golden staph, this can in extreme cases cause death

Streptococcus – This is an infection that may cause sore throats, skin conditions, fevers and even toxic shock syndrome in extreme cases


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