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“We don’t give a damn to the insects on our Earth, but if we could find even a single insect on Mars, the whole world would cherish it like crazy!”
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A Brief Overview Of The Services We Provide

At Baseline Pest Control we like to alert, educate and guide our customers about various types of pest related health hazards and how to safeguard themselves and how to treat the problem.

General Treatment Guide

  • We treat all skirting boards and store areas.
  • Family (including children and pets) can remain inside during the treatment
  • Our products will not smell or stain


OUTSIDE YOUR HOME - We treat the following:
  • External boundary paths
  • The fence line and fence capping
  • Driveways
  • Eaves
  • Pergolas
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Always check the roof first
  • We then use dust that treats silverfish, crickets and spiders, etc.
  • If necessary, we then bait the roof for rats


  • Always check the subfloor first
  • We then use dust that treats silverfish, crickets and spiders, etc.
  • If necessary, we then bait the subfloor for rats
  • We treat the weep holes if your house is on a concrete slab.

Our promise to you....

100% customer satisfaction for all our valued clients in Sydney. Rest assured that your family and pets will not be affected by harmful chemicals, neither will your surroundings.

Whether you're moving into your lovely new home or currently living there, we'll perform a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that you have no unwanted pests lurking in the shadows!

Don't forget to mark it on your calendar or allow us to remind you for a yearly check up; this applies to residential and commercial properties alike.


Happy pest free environment - Happy client!

Don't leave it to fate - make a date!

We are available weekends too........

Call Baseline Pest Control today for a free quote and some eco-friendly advice

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Why Choose Us?

Family Owned and Operated - We provide a fast and professional service at all times

Master Technicians - Our technicians are highly trained and hold all the necessary licences required for pest control and eradication

Safe and Effective Pest Control - We use safe, low-risk products because we care for your family and pets and also the environment

Quick Response Time - We respond promptly as it's imperative to deal with the problem as quickly as possible

Highest Quality Work - Upper management oversees all work

Money Back Guarantee - Not including bed bugs

Weekend Work - No extra charge

Fully insured with current Public Liability and Workers Compensation Certificates in place.

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